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Currently, there is a great imbalance in the demand for lawful medical cannabis and the supply.  This has resulted in many medical cannabis patients being forced to acquire their medicine in an illegal fashion when the cannabis is purchased "on the street."  Medical cannabis patients, like any other patient with a prescription, should be able to purchase quality medicine in a lawful manner.

A fundamental belief that medical cannabis has a role that cannot be duplicated or transcended in assisting some patients who suffer from certain medical conditions.  A fundamental belief that those who find medical cannabis is the best medicine for relief of their symptoms are the same as any other patient receiving prescribed contemporary medication; and should not be stigmatized.  Geographically, we can supply those who are unable to obtain medical cannabis due to their location.  Those coming from areas west of I-25 do not have to enter a border check or other property owned by the federal government to leave Ruidoso.  Those coming from areas east of I-25 do not encounter a federally-owned space as well.  Finally, Compassionate Distributors, Inc. is based on integrity, honesty, product pride and attention to detail.   



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This site is for New Mexico Department of Health medical cannabis patients only.

If you would like an email communication, please fill out the "Contact Us" sheet or email us at along with your NM DOH ID number.  You may also contact us at (575) 258-1087.  Thank you.

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To grow and distribute to medical cannabis patients approved by the New Mexico DOH high quality medical cannabis in fulfillment of the purpose of the Lynn and Erin Compassionate Use Act.

We will set the standard for high quality, affordable medical cannabis in New Mexico.  We will ensure a system that properly identifies, records and photographs all patients so we can be assured that a patient truly has been approved by the NM DOH.  We will maintain strict client confidentiality within these objectives, while strictly adhering to HIPAA regulations.  Customer service and satisfaction will be our backbone, with our only advertising being our listing from the DH approved producers, this website, and "word of mouth."  We will keep our costs low by using available space owned by Board of Directors members to produce the medicine, which will allow us to maintain affordable prices.  In the future we hope that a surplus fund shall be set aside in an account to subsidize medicine for those who do not have the funds to purchase an adequate medical cannabis supply, such as those on social security, disability, who are living on income below the poverty line, or otherwise those who are truly indigent.

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